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Online casinos to become legal in France:
 Next year online casinos are set to become legal in the European country of France, according to the latest reports. Following the pressure from the European Union, combined with the decreasing revenues from online gambling by the France monopoly gambling company PMU, the local government has decided to begin handing out licenses to online casinos, sports betting firms and poker rooms in 2010. Taxes will be collected from the online casinos which are granted license to operate in France, depending on the gambling form and will vary from 2% to 7.5%. Gambling at the thousands of online casinos serving French players is currently considering illegal, although according to the French authorities, over 75% of all online gambling in the country goes through those gambling websites, leaving a small piece of the pay for the state-owned PMU. At this time the prerequisites online casinos must meet to be granted license in France remain unknown.





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